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Lecheo, Kalamata, and Crete, Greece

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We are all on our journey finding our connection to source within ourselves and everything around us.

When we transform blockages and limiting patterns, we create more clarity, more space. We are clearing away the blinders. We can see our own essence and connection to source.

I facilitate healing and growth, by transforming obstacles and connecting to our own inner truth.

Let me serve you transmuting any limitations, creating clarity and embracing your own divine essence!


Contact me and we can look at the service, that is most beneficial to you.

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I`m looking forward to connect with you!

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VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

VortexHealing© can impact and release extremely deep levels of physical, emotional and karmic conditioning, and all aspects of the body’s energy system.

Can be done in person or via Distance!

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Akashic Record Readings/ Soul Realignment™

The Akashic Records can give us gentle and loving guidance and support on our way through change and challenges. They can help us heal the past and present and guide us into our future.

Can be done via phone or Skype.

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New Free Guided Meditations

Join me for our New Free Guided Meditation!

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