Distance Group Healing

Limited Spaces

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Thursday, February 1st, 1:10pm - 2:20pm EST

Monday, March 12th, 1:10pm- 2:20pm EST

Portugal, London, Germany & New York

Join me for classes or a private session, if you are in the area!


Group Healing in New York

Friday, March 16th, 7:10pm - 9pm EST

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Thank you for visiting my website!

I facilitate healing, transformation and growth, by supporting you in connecting with who you are at Soul Level.

When we align with who we are at Soul Level, we are connecting to our unique Divine Gifts! We are empowering ourselves! Connecting with who you truly are creates energy, empowerment and passion! It creates passion and joy with what you do! It empowers you to serve yourself and others in the best way you can!

Let`s transmute any limitations, that might be in your way! Let me serve you in embracing your Divine Truth! We all are able to align with who we are at Soul Level. And we are all able to enjoy our life while living our Soul Purpose!

Every journey is different and unique!


Contact me and we can look at the service, that is most beneficial to you.

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I`m traveling to Portugal, London, Germany and New York!

Join me for a group class or a private session in person, if you are in the area or via distance, or for our Webinars.
I`d love to see you!
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Distance Group Healing

Thursday, February 1, at 1:10pm – 2:20pm EST

Monday, February 12, 1:10pm -2:20pm EST

Limited Spaces

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New Free Guided Meditations

Join me for our New Free Guided Meditation!

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