Distance Group Healing

Limited Spaces

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Thursday, February 1st, 1:10pm - 2:20pm EST

Monday, March 12th, 1:10pm- 2:20pm EST

Portugal, London, Germany & New York

Join me for classes or a private session, if you are in the area!


Group Healing in New York

Friday, March 16th, 7:10pm - 9pm EST

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Free Guided Meditation

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Portugal, London, Germany and New York January – March, 2018

I am in:
– Lisabon, Portugal until February 14,
– in London February 14 – 27,
– in Essen, Germany February 27 – March 8,
– and in New York March 8-18, 2018.
I`ll be holding a Group Healing in New York on Friday, March 16th, 7:10pm – 9pm EST.
Join me for a group or a private session in person, if you are in the area or via distance, or for our Webinars.
I`d love to see you!

Contact me here and book your private Session now.
Spaces are limited.

Group Healing in New York
Friday, March 16th, 7:10pm – 9pm EST

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 Distance Group Healing

Thursday, February 1, at 1:10pm – 2:20pm EST (6:10pm UK)

Monday, February 12, 1:10pm – 2:20pm EST (6:10pm UK)

Limited Spaces

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Guided Meditations

Join me for our New Free Guided Meditations!

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7 Steps of Transformation Webinar

Transform your life!
Find and deepen a loving and powerful connection with your Angels! Learn about Sacred Geometry!
Meet your Soul Council and go to a future lifetime, to connect deeper with your strengths, your gifts and your Soul`s mission.
Cut cords of dependency to empower yourself and create freedom in your life.


Sunday, October 8th
10am – 11:30am EST (3pm-4:30pm UK): Journey to a future lifetime
11:45am – 1:15pm EST (4:45pm-6:15pm UK): Cutting Cords of Codependency

These Webinars are interactive!

Fee: €22 per class

Webinar is held in English.

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The 7 Steps of Transformation

Step 1: Heartlink to the Angelic Realm
Step 2: Activating the 12-Strand DNA
Step 3: Karma clearing
Step 4: Forgiveness process
Step 5: Empower your Heart
Step 6: Journey to a Future Lifetime
Step 7: Cutting Cords of Codependency

The 7 Steps of Transformation are part of Integrated Energy Therapy®.
IET® uses violet angelic energy ray to work directly with your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA.
The 7 Steps of Transformation are a powerful and effective way to take the steps to change and heal your life. It helps to release, what no longer serves us, transform and bring balance, clarity and grounding. The 7 Steps of Transformation are a powerful complement to other Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET® ) classes, but it does not require any prior IET® experience.
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