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Special Event: Rauhnächte

Special Event!

“Rauhnächte” – Reflecting, Letting go, Deepening, Manifesting – VortexHealing® Energy Healing

December 25, 2021 – January 5, 2022: 12 days of deep energetic work 

Limited Spaces

Cost: €175

Option to do join in for single nights for €16 per night

The time between Christmas and January 6, the Rauhnächte (what we call them in Germany), is a very special time. During this time the veils to the spirit world are very thin. It is a time to go within, to reflect. It’s a magical time.
In these 12 days we will work deeply every day with different aspects, including for example our connection to ourselves, to others, to the spirit world, what we want to let go of, what is present now, and what we want to manifest. Each day also relates to one month of the coming year. This work is always very special, very touching and profound.

We will use VortexHealing® Energy Healing, which is working with Divine Light and Consciousness, but other modalities might influence the session as well.

How it works

You will receive an energy healing group session each day, for those 12 days (25 Dec – 5 Jan):

– 1 of those sessions has the option to be live via video/ phone (you don´t have to be live if prefered, the energy will work either way. Recording available afterwards)

– 11 sessions without being on the call, deeply connected on energetic level

– 11x guidance via audio recording, for the process each day

– puja (blessing) for the following year 2024*

– optional highly discounted private session during this time*

*No puja for 2024 and no optional discounted private session, if only joining for single nights

Dates are:

– 25 Dec -29 Dec, 31Dec – 2 Jan and 5 Jan, at 1:15-2:15pm EST (6:15pm UK, 19:15 Uhr Germany), distance sessions without being on the call

– 3+4 Jan, at 1-2pm EST (6pm UK, 19 Uhr Germany), distance sessions without being on the call

– Saturday, 30 January at 11am-12pm EST (4pm UK, 17 Uhr Germany), LIVE CALL (recording available afterwards)

Contact me here for any questions


Rauhnächte  €175

Rauhnächte + 1 private VortexHealing® session  €240

Single Rauhnacht  €16


    The Group Healings are mainly using the tools of VortexHealing® Energy Healing, but other modalities might influence the sessions as well.
    VortexHealing® works with the transformational power of divine light and consciousness and can impact and release extremely deep levels of physical, emotional and karmic issues, and all aspects of the body’s energy system.
    It supports you in clearing out old limiting energy patterns, blocks and issues, and supports you in empowering and balancing your life.
    VortexHealing® is deeply transformational, strengthening and balancing the bodys energy systems, while deepening the individual Divine Connection.

    Each session is different and is guided by the energy field of the group.
    The healings can be very powerful and deep and are often felt days after the actual session.
    Everybody experiences the healings differently, for some it might be very deep and strong at the time, others experience gentle and soft energetic support.

    For a Distance Healing, it is advisable to find a quiet place to receive and fully enjoy the session.

    ® „VortexHealing“ is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information visit www.vortexhealing.org.

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