Daniela Hoff - Meditation - Love - Energy Healing

The deep Love of the Universe (live online) – Free Group Healing & Meditation

Saturday, May 18th, 1pm – 1:30pm ET (6pm UK/7pm CEST)

How can we experience the deep love of the universe, source, God. A deep inner connection to ourselves. This love is constantly present and available to us. Often it can be difficult to perceive this connection, perhaps we are distracted or we feel blocked.
When we experience stress, anger, fear, sadness, or similar emotions, our system closes down and it is difficult to remain open to that love.
Is it possible to stay connected in our everyday life?
If we can live our lives experiencing this love, the inner connection to ourselves and the universe, we can experience more joy, a deeper intuition, more peace and trust.
This meditation is supported by energy work.

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