I am afraid of the ocean. And I admire and love it. I respect it very much. It`s so powerful. Its endless. There is this limitlessness. We can loose ourselves in the endlessness of the ocean. I have been staying at an amazing place on Samos, right by the ocean. When you have the luxury…Details


What is surrender? It is letting go. It is trusting. We are always supported by the universe, always. It doesn`t always seem that way. We might not see it at first. We might fight it and struggle through it. But once we look at it with a little distance, it becomes more clear. I will…Details


Monday, February 12, 2018: So Grateful. So much Love. In places, we might usually not expect it. Just in time for Valentines Day. After a stressful and difficult morning, arriving finally at my new destination, in an overbooked place (that I paid for and booked in advance), being dropped off somewhere else instead, where I…Details


I love sitting with the ocean. At the moment I am in Lecheo, Greece and while it is still too cold to swim, the ocean is absolutely beautiful. There is something so comforting, peaceful and relaxing about it. When I was sitting there today, on a rock, that seemed just the perfect size and shape,…Details