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Starting October 14th receive for 3 weeks 3 x per week energetic support in a small group.

Begin your day clear and energized with our new program!

Support Program

London and New York

Join me for classes or a private session, if you are in the area!


Free Group Healing and Meditation

Saturday, August 10, 11am EST (4pm UK, 5pm Germany)


Prayer List

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Personal Healing Sessions

for Transformation

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Sicily, London and New York

I am in Sicily at the moment until the end of August.

I will be in London, September 10th – 19th.

And I will be in New York, September 22nd – 24th and October 8th – 14th.

Join me for a group or a private session in person, if you are in the area or via distance, or for our Distance Healings or Webinars.
I`d love to see you!

Contact me here and book your private Session now.

Support Program

Start your day clear and energized!
Receive a 20-minute morning energy session in a small group 3 times a week for 3 weeks starting October 14th.
No internet or telephone needed.
Limited places!

This is ideal when there is a lot going on in your life, but also in general to be stronger and more balanced to start your day. Often our system is stressed, overloaded, or we start the new day with energetic baggage from the previous day. We will strengthen the entire energy system, clear and strengthen the chakra system, deepen your grounding, clear the astral body, calm and strengthen the nervous system, work with manifestation, and more …

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 Distance Group Healing

New Format: The option to join live via Internet or phone (or if prefered being energetically included without being on the call)!

Sunday, August 11, 11am – 12pm EST (4pm UK, 5pm Germany): Mother connection

Sunday, August 18, 11am – 12pm EST (4pm UK, 5pm Germany): Father connection

Limited Spaces

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 Global Healing Meditation

Saturday, August 17, 11am EST (4pm UK, 5pm Germany)

Free global group healing and meditation

Join via phone or online

We will gather for this meditation to support healing around the globe. We will focus on different areas in the world, where healing is needed, connect with it and support its transformation energetically.

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Join my weekly Prayer List.

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