Holiday Special!

Receive your Holiday Special!

I am offering a Holiday Special all month until December 31st. It can be booked now and used all through January 31st.
The Special is good for Healing Sessions, Soul Realignments/ Akashic Record Readings, Spirit Guide Readings and Follow Up Readings.

Start your New Year with new inspiration, letting go of old baggage and support to move towards your goals!
It is a fabulous time to work on ourselves and go a bit deeper. An energy healing session can help with that greatly.

And if you are still looking for presents for your loved ones, consider gifting a healing session. It is a beautiful present! Gift certificates are available.

Book until December 31st! Use until January 31st!

€65 for your Single Healing Session  (usually €90)!

€85 for your Follow-Up Reading/Spirit Guide Reading (usually €120)!

€105 for your Soul Realignment™ / Akashic Record Reading (usually €165)!

Or buy a package and save even more:

€180 for a 3 pack of Healing sessions  (save €90!!)

Gift Certificates Available!

Contact me here for any questions or to find out, what service might be best for you.

Book Here:

Holiday Special Healing Session €65

Holiday Special: 3 pack of Healing sessions €180

Holiday Special Soul Realignment™ €105

Holiday Special Follow Up Reading/ Spirit Guide Reading €85

A Healing Session and a Soul Realignment™/ Reading in the Akashic Records can be very powerful and transformational. When we are dealing with physical, emotional or karmic patterns, or mental issues, any of these different modalities can provide support, healing and clarity. When we feel stuck in a certain pattern or situation and things don`t seem to move, when we need clarity, or when we need help to move towards a goal in life, a session or reading can provide great support.
If you simply need help to relax and rejuvenate, this work can support you beautifully as well!

A Healing Session will use Vortexhealing Energy Healing® , but can include  varies other modalities as well.
To find out more about the different services you can go here for Healing Sessions, and here for Soul Realignment™ / Reading in the Akashic Records/ Spirit Guide Reading.

Contact me here for any questions or to find out, what service might be best for you.

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