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First Time Client Special!

If you have never had a private session with me, receive a discount on your first single VortexHealing® Energy Healing session or your first 3 VortexHealing® sessions!
Your first client single VortexHealing® session is only €69 (save €26)!
Your first 3 VortexHealing® sessions are only €185 (save €100)!
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A VortexHealing® Session can be very powerful and transformational. When we are dealing with physical, emotional or karmic patterns, or mental issues, it can provide support, healing and clarity. When we feel stuck in a certain pattern or situation and things don`t seem to move, or when we need help to move towards a goal in life, a session can provide great support.
Or if you are looking simply for stress relieve, relaxation and rejuvenation, this work can support you beautifully as well!

To find out more about the different services I offer you can go here.

First time VortexHealing® session €69 (save €26)

First time client 3 VortexHealing® sessions €185 (save €100)

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