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First time client special! 1 single VortexHealing® session for €55 (save €35) or 3 VortexHealing® sessions for €150 (save €120)!

You can book your VortexHealing® Session and Soul Realignment™/ Spirit Guide Reading/ Akashic Record Reading below. *Note for booking a reading: If you have never had an Soul Realignment™ with me, I usually recommend starting with the Soul Realignment, as other reading options will build on it.
Gift Certificates are available.
For programs please contact me directly.
Sliding scale available on a case by case basis.

Contact me here for any questions or to find out, what service might be best for you.

VortexHealing session €90

Package of 3 VortexHealing sessions €250 (save 20€)

Package of 10 VortexHealing sessions €800 (save €100)

Soul Realignment™/ Akashic Record Reading €165

Follow Up Reading – Soul Realignment™ or Spirit Guide Reading €120

First Time Clients: Single VortexHealing® session €55 (save €35)

First time clients: 3 VortexHealing® sessions €150 (save €120)

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