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Daniela Hoff Vortex Wintersonnenwende

Winter solstice – Free Group Healing and Meditation (online) – Sunday, Dec 19, 11-11:30am EST (4pm UK, 17 Uhr Deutschland)

The night of the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, is a time when we can go deep within and look at and reflect on our shadow sides. It is a time when we can let go of, what no longer serves us. It is also the time when we invite the light to come back in. After the winter solstice, the days become longer and more light and sun slowly comes back into our lives. 

We will delve deep into the magic of the winter solstice, the transformational power of the full moon and also the beginning of the Rauhnächte ( translated from German: rough nights), and use this time to create change for us.
The Rauhnächte are getting started on the winter solstice, but we deeply delve in from Dec 25 until January 5th. It is a time when the veil to the spirit world is very thin. A time, when we deeply connect within and transform.
This webinar will work with energetic work and guided meditation.

You can join online or via phone.

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